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Have you ever wondered how your car keeps its engine and other components cool? Whether you refer to it as coolant or antifreeze, it is a fluid responsible for cooling your engine while also preventing the crystallization of water from forming and, in essence keeping your engine cool and ice-free. If at any point you think your coolant/antifreeze is not doing its job, you may need to bring in your car to one of our expert mechanics to have your coolant levels checked out and serviced as required.


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service

Importance of Coolant and Regular Maintenance

Along with the coolant’s cooling and anti-freezing properties, it also provides your engine with anti-corrosion properties and lubricants. These properties break down over time, allowing rust, mineral deposits, and corrosion to form. With the lack of all the benefits of coolant fluids, your engine can experience overheating, engine damage, and expensive cooling system repairs. 


How Often Should Coolant be Flushed?

You should maximize the maintenance of your car to receive consistent performance. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, there are many maintenance plans you should follow. However, general guidelines can shed some light on when you should have your coolant flushed. 

When to Change Coolant or Antifreeze Fluid:

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If your vehicle requires a coolant/antifreeze change or flush, contacting an expert coolant replacement mechanic at Redline Auto & Diesel will allow you to obtain the most efficient service for your vehicle.

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