The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and nothing is more important than providing it with routine oil changes. Most vehicles require this service around every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, you must check your owner’s manual to see specifically how often it needs an oil change. People often think that it is okay to go a few extra hundred miles over, in some cases one thousand extra, before getting an oil change. We’re here to tell you this is a wrong mentality, which is why we have compiled a list of five reasons you should get your oil changed on time. 

Cleaner Engine

When you drain the old oil, you notice straight away that it is thicker and darker. The reason for this is that it is removing dirt, metal catalysts, water, and toxic chemicals from your engine. This thick and mudlike sludge makes it extremely difficult for the pistons in your engine to pump, resulting in a decrease in engine power and fuel efficiency; it also increases the natural wear on the engine.

Oil Filter

As mentioned above, there are many contaminants that are introduced to your motor throughout the oil cycle. Your oil filter does its best to clear the oil of these contaminants. However, after a while, it can become clogged, preventing oil from properly flowing throughout your engine. If improper oil flow is present, your engine is likely experiencing harsh friction between its parts, causing massive engine damage. 

Engine Power

Once the old and dirty oil and filter are drained and removed, it is time to add new oil and a filter. This new oil will restore your engine’s efficiency and ease of function while also giving you the highest possible mileage per gallon. Meaning, if you treat your engine right, you will be saving LOTS of money.


By far, the most important reason to change your old oil on time is so that all the parts within your engine are well lubricated. If your engine is not properly lubricated, the pistons, valves, and other moving parts within your engine will be in constant contact with each other. This friction is likely to result in massive engine damage that can only be fixed through a long and expensive engine repair.

Mechanical Diagnostic

When an oil change is completed at your local and trusted mechanical repair shop, a technician will likely take the opportunity to take a look at other mechanical systems of your vehicle. This will allow them to check for any wear and tear or impending damage and inform you of your car’s overall mechanical health. Should there be any other issues, they will let you know so your vehicle can be running efficiently with all the repairs it may need. This does not mean that mechanics are constantly finding ways to nickel and dime their clients, but to make sure that every vehicle that comes to their shop leaves as close to factory new as possible. 

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