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Regular oil changes are the single most crucial thing vehicle owners can do to maintain their car, truck, or SUV. We recommend consulting your owner’s manual to know how often you should have your oil changed. The standard used to be every 3,000 miles. However, many auto manufacturers have increased efficiency, so modern vehicles are more 6,000 to even 10,000-mile range. Modern lubricants have also increased the range, so a change every 3,000 may not be necessary. The experts at Redline Auto & Diesel can help guide for properly maintaining your vehicle. We proudly offer complete oil change services for almost any vehicle type, whether you are looking for regular or synthetic oil changes

What does an oil change entail?

Along with changing your oil, we perform a complete inspection of your vehicle. This includes changing your filters, an eye inspection of your brake and taillights, and lubricate, and all grease fittings in your car. These steps help ensure that maintenance and inspections are taken care of to help avoid more significant issues in the future.

What happens if I do not change my oil?

Perhaps you have heard this before, but the oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Once the oil gets too dirty or levels drop too low, your engine cannot run properly. If your oil does not properly change, your entire engine could eventually experience a catastrophic break, leaving you with a broken engine and a large repair bill. Oil helps clean and lubricate moving parts of your engine. This helps to reduce heat and friction ultimately. When this cannot happen, your engine will overheat and can seize up. If you are looking for oil changes you can depend upon, consider Redline Auto & Diesel for your next oil change. We can help make appointments via phone at (801) 295-3314 or the contact form below.

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